Dan Kirchhefer
Topeka, KS

Top: Lust and Innocence I, $350
Bottom: Lust and Innocence II, $400

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Artist Statement

In Lust and Innocence I and II the images are to challenge the viewer to question if lust is still to be considered a deadly sin. The books are a little like Titian’s “Sacred and Profane Love,” in that the viewer must decide which is which; which is lust and which is innocence. As an artist, I am not promoting a specific morality, but rather exposing a conundrum. I selected certain images to juxtapose these ideas. For example, in Gerald Leslie Brockhurst’s “Adolescence,” the young model at the mirror was Kathleen Nancy Woodward, who was the artist’s fifteen-year-old mistress. In Innocence II when she looks behind the mirror, she sees a lewd couple with death. All goes to show that lust and innocence can be a riddle wrapped in a mystery.

About this Book - Lust and Innocence I

Printed from four etched plates with one transfer image printed on Chinese silk, Kitikata, Japanese Echizen Washi, and Pink Moriki. Waxed and sewn. 6 x 5 inches. Unique book.

About this Book - Lust and Innocence II

Printed from six different etched plates on Indian Village with Himalaya Wool, Moriki Pink, India Village Marigold Orchid, India Village Hemp Blue Flower, waxed and sewn. 5 x 4 inches. Unique book.

Artist Biography

Born: Hastings, Nebraska. M.F.A. in printmaking, University of Kansas. Professor of Art, Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas. 130+ juried shows. 40+ awards. Works in several public collections. Represented by: Charles M. Young, Portland, CT. Strecker-Nelson Gallery, Manhattan, Kansas. Made my first artist book in 2004.

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