The Beautiful Book
Exploring the Allure of Artist Books
November 6 - December 19, 2009

Abecedarian Gallery is proud to host an exhibition originally curated by Laura Russel, director of 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, Oregon. The Beautiful Book features small edition or one of a kind book forms hand crafted by individual artists. This exquisite collection showcases the beauty in craftsmanship, materials, and imagery of the bookmaker’s art. Please note that not all of the artists or books in the original Beautiful Book exhibition are included in the exhibition at Abecedarian Gallery and two additional artists* have been added to the Denver version of this show.

Online Exhibition Catalog

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Alice Austin Philadelphia, PA*
Alicia Bailey, Aurora, CO*
Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli, Irvine, CA
Bea Nettles, Urbana, IL
Cathy Ryan, Minneapolis, MN
Dan Kirchhefer, Topeka, KS
Edwin Jager and John O. Smith, Oshkosh, WI
Jan Owen, Belfast, ME
Jana Sim, Chicago, IL
Jenny Craig, Seattle, WA
Kelly O'Brien, Alexandria, VA
Kitty Maryatt, Claremont, CA
Marilyn Joyce, Portland, OR
Mary V. Marsh, Oakland, CA
Moe Snyder, Portland, OR
Nathan Lucas, Portland, OR
Regula Russelle, St. Paul, MN
Rob McDonald, Lexington, VA
Roberta Lavadour, Pendleton, OR
Susan Harlan, Portland, OR
Susan Lowdermilk, Eugene, OR
Sandy Tilcock, Eugene, OR
Tom Biby and Jonathan Fetter-Vorm,
San Francisco, CA and New York, NY
Valerie Carrigan, North Adams, MA
Vicki Topaz, San Francisco, CA
This exhibition is accompanied
by a full-color print catalog.
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