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Mira Coviensky

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Coviensky-Connecting-image%201.jpg Coviensky-Connecting-image%202.jpg

Connecting with nature in downtown Toronto in the dead of winter without leaving my studio

metal, paper

9½ x 8 x 2 closed; 9½ x 36 x 22 open

© 2002


My artist’s books are inspired by everyday life. They speak of connections - with nature, with spirit, and with the humans who have come before us. My materials are simple - metal, paper and transparent polyester film. The pieces are intimate in scale and inspired by the book form.


The form is a variation on the accordion book.


Forlorn Comfort

paper, transparent polyester film

9½ x 23 x ½ closed; variable dimensions open

varied edition of 20

© 2006


The form is a combination of tunnel book and codex with multiple spines and pages that open to different directions.

Mira Coviensky works in text-based and photo-based artist’s books. Her work uses everyday materials and is based on encounters in daily life. Her choice of the artist’s book for her art form fits her view of life as narrative. In her work, she explores formal issues of book structures and of transparency and translucency while retaining the familiarity of the book form. Her work is in over fifty public collections, including MOMA, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Harvard University, Columbia University, Tate Galleries London and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Coviensky trained at the Museum School in Boston and the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, and is past faculty at the Toronto School of Art.