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Mirabelle Jones

San Francisco, California

MirabelleJones_SFBerlin1.jpg MirabelleJones_SFBerlin3.jpg

San Francisco / Berlin

acetate, ink, acrylic, aluminum

10 x 10 x ½

© 2012


San Francisco / Berlin is a compounded series of acetate prints bound in acrylic with acrylic casing. The prints are taken from the artist’s travels in both cities and through a series of diptychs carefully overlaid personify the multifarious and dynamic character of each setting. Here translucence serves as a metaphor for memory, the fragility of the acetate as well as the erasure embedded within the images gives the false impression of solidity just as our fragmented memories when compiled suggest the fabrication of a completed identity.

Mirabelle Jones is a writer, performance artist and book artist based in San Francisco, California and Berlin, Germany. Her work focuses on combining traditional bookmaking skills with modern and industrial materials to create art objects with an emphasis on the physical substantiation of imagination. Identifying primarily as a book artist, she is less concerned with the creation of books and more concerned with the readability of everyday objects and how the production of innovative objects might pose extraordinary puzzles for the reader to critically engage with.