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Jan Owen

Belfast, Maine

Writing on translucent materials gives the sense of the layering of our ideas and history. The polyester Hollytex feels both fragile and strong.

Owen.Another%20Life.detail.jpg Owen.Another%20Life.jpg

Another Life

Hollytex, sumi ink, acrylic

63 x 16 x 3 unrolled

© 2011


Homage.layers.jpg Homage.poem.jpg


sumi ink, Hollytex, paper

11 x 15

© 2012


The text is an Emily Dickinson poem also written in binary code.


Sewn book with case.


Binary Sonnet

sumi ink, gold acrylic, Hollytex

18 x 52 x 2½ open

© 2011


A layered hanging scroll with the text of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 55 hand-lettered and also written in binary code.

Silence of the Night

sumi ink, gold acrylic, Hollytex

14½ x 43 x 2½ open

© 2011


I used several layers of white and black painted Hollytex to create a sense of layers of silence that Thoreau describes. Hand lettered on several layers of Hollytex; hanging scroll. Text by Thoreau, Neruda, Rilke.


Jan Owen is an artist living in Belfast, Maine. Her work incorporates hand lettering, brush marks, paste decorated papers, and words by various authors into hanging books or panels. Her work is shown internationally and is in the collections of the Library of Congress, National Museum of Women in the Arts, and university special collections.