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Robbin Ami Silverberg

Brooklyn, New York



archival inkjet prints, vellum paper, cover paper

16 x 6

edition of 40

© 2008


In collaboration with Andras Böröcz, Budi depicts a trip along a river through the land of Budi (slang for outhouse in Hungarian). With long horizontal pages – many of them foldouts to further capture the extensive landscape - the ‘budi’ world is populated with anthropomorphized outhouses busy with life and its activities.


Stairs to Mauthausen

Dobbin Mill flax paper, tea, human hair

10 x 3½ x 3½ closed; opens to 10 x 104

series of 2

© 1997


Stairs is from a series of ceiling to floor scrolls about the infamous Staircase of Death in Mauthausen, a WWII concentration camp in Austria. The actual staircase leads out of a large granite quarry upon which prisoners were forced to carry 50 kilo granite pieces on their backs, a labor that killed off most prisoners within several months. Stairs comes in a tea encrusted tube-shaped case, which also functions as a counterweight, hanging at the bottom of the scroll when it is fully extended.





archival inkjet, carbon pencil, hand cut Dobbin Mill papers

9¼ x 12¼

edition of 10

© 2008


This artist book works with two standard forms of identification, the passport and self-portrait, to question representations of identity. The photographs used, taken each decade from 9 years of age to 49, are layered and mixed with stamped pages from an expired passport and a text by the artist.


Much of my work focuses on my interest in interlinearity, the concept between the lines, the subtext, the portion of knowledge and the world that we ignore or omit, or consider negative space. When the substrate is translucent, the possibilities of exploration concerning ‘that which is not said’ is all the more fascinating, and the layering that occurs creates even greater richness to the meaning.
Although the basis for my work, whether artist book or installation, is conceptual, much of my artwork stems from an essential materiality. The artwork reflects on both my material sensibility as much as the content and issues that comprise their core. Paper has been my preferred material for 30 years and I have explored its potential as a non-neutral substrate in my image making, book making and process.


Robbin Ami Silverberg is founding director of Dobbin Mill, a hand-papermaking studio, and Dobbin Books, a collaborative artist book studio. Her artwork is divided between artist books and installations. The work conceptually focuses on word cognition and interlinearity, with an emphasis on process and paper as activated substrate. Silverberg has exhibited and taught extensively in the US, Canada, South Africa, South Korea, Mexico, and Europe. Her artwork is found in numerous collections, such as the Museum Meermanno, The Hague, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, and Yale University’s Art of the Book. She is an Associate Professor at Pratt Institute and on the boards of the Center for Book Arts, Ampersand Foundation, Booklyn Artist Alliance & Alma on Dobbin.