AB Gorham – Whipstock


6 x 6.25 x .25, opens to 18 x 18

© 2014
edition of 40


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handmade  paper, bookcloth, book board,  ink

An attempt to understand the lore spun throughout lifetimes spent in the oil patches, courthouses and other haunts of the oil and gas industry, Whipstock manages the iconoclast of the landman, the grid of Township and Range used to identify tracts of land, as well as the more organic and inorganic forms that comprise the actual physical landscape. Paging through the book, the act of unfolding the folios creates a series of shifting views, a slow exposure of this complicated concept. Written and designed with the spirit of experimentation, Whipstock’s pursuit is the intersection of ecology and art. This book was letterpress printed by AB Gorham in fulfillment of the Small Craft Advisory Press Artist Residency, as well as the Book Arts MFA from The University of Alabama.

While much of the content in Whipstock was derived from the landscapes of Montana and Wyoming, this book’s record of the particulates and gestures surrounding the oil and gas industry can be traced throughout the country.

AB Gorham is a book artist and writer, originally hailing from Montana. She holds an MFA in Book Arts, and an MFA in Poetry from The University of Alabama. She lives in Tallahassee, FL with her husband and their 3 beasts, where she is the Press Manager at Small Craft Advisory Press. She teaches book binding and typography at Florida State University.

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AB Gorham – Whipstock

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