Alice Walsh – Omnem Mundi Gloriam (Palimpsest) – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


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Historically, a palimpsest was a page from a scroll or book, from which the writing had been scraped off, so it could be used again. A modern definition of palimpsest is “something having usually diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface.” To make this multi-layered book, I painted and stamped and glued onto discarded catalog cards from my public library. The covers are made of handmade paper from pulp made from shredded library catalog cards, and decorated with library due date cards, which are still in use today. The Latin text within is a quotation from Richard de Bury, who lived in the late 13th and early 14th Centuries. He was one of the first English collectors of books. He was a writer, book lover, Benedictine monk and Bishop. The quotation translates as, “All the glories of the world would be lost to oblivion, if God had not provided man the remedy of books.”

Vintage library catalog cards, handmade paper, library due date cards,gold leaf, acrylic paint, string, photographs

Alice C. Walsh is a mixed media artist who lives and works in New York. Her “Ex Libris” work, which uses vintage library catalog cards, has been exhibited in museums, libraries and galleries around the United States and in Europe. As an arts administrator, she has worked for nonprofit theater companies, dance companies, and performing arts centers as well as in public broadcasting. She is an Associate Producer of many Broadway and off-Broadway productions. She holds a BFA and an MPA from New York University. Walsh is a public library trustee. Her love of libraries, of books, and of learning inspired her current exhibition: “Ex Libris: Found Art From a Public Library.”

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Alice Walsh – Omnem Mundi Gloriam (Palimpsest) – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

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