Andrea Crane – Food Itinerary – SOLD

© 2017
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dimensions in inches: 9 x 5.75 x .25




About this piece:

When we were kids my mom would plan our dinners and post them on the refrigerator for us to see. In this book, I commemorate some of mom’s top repeat meals by ingredients and handwritten side comments with my take on each dish. The menu (or what mom likes to say, “itinerary”) starts on a Monday and ends on Sunday. Each ingredient is represented by a small icon drawing. The book is hand bound using a simple stab binding and old stitcher thread.



paper, ink, watercolor, thread

About the artist:

Andrea Crane is a mixed media artist that uses various techniques to create drawings and artist books. Her work is inspired by memories of her past and present. She is known for her miniature drawing and her use of altered paper. Enthusiasts of her work say her art triggers viewers memory into recalling their own stories, which make her art both personable and unique. Andrea currently resides in Golden, Colorado with her husband David, dog Larry and cat Lucy.

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Andrea Crane – Food Itinerary – SOLD

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