Barbara Milman – Great Floods – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


10 x 8 x 2
© 2013
edition of 10

Available by special order. Please contact gallery to confirm availability.


paper, mat board, ribbon, book cloth

This is a two sided book. The first side – Great Floods 1, tells the common mythical flood story. Turn the book over to open the second side, which tells today’s climate change story. The images in the book are primarily based on digital photos taken by the artist. The original text is by the artist. The book is printed on an archival Epson printer, and is hand bound by the artist.

Great Floods tells an old story and a new one. The old story-told in every culture and religion-is about how humans misbehave in this bountiful world the gods created for them. The gods then sent a great flood to punish them, and only a couple of virtuous humans survived. The new story takes place today, when humans still seem bent on destroying the world with their greed and carelessness. Now the laws of nature are responding, like the ancient gods, with great floods.

Barbara Milman is a book artist, printmaker, and mixed media artist. Her work pushes the boundaries of conventional print and book making. She has exhibited widely and her work is held in numerous special collections.

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Barbara Milman – Great Floods – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

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