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Pigmented inkjet prints, PLA resin – translucent and black

The 3D printed book contains 30 pigmented inkjet prints from the Camera Obscura collaboration with Charles Schwartz which shows views of New York City. These prints are sealed in a 3D printed PLA resin book sculpture with a pinhole in the rear cover. The book is presented in a translucent PLA resin slipcase. The contents of the book cannot be seen without destroying the book itself. With the invention of movable type Johannes Gutenberg revolutionized how books were made in the 15th century, and now in the 21st century book publishing is again changing dramatically. We used to think of books as ink on paper between two covers. Increasingly books are just digital data viewed on a screen. My Gutenberg series of 3D printed books deals with the evolution of books and how knowledge may be distributed in the future.

Since making his first photograph at age 14, Bill Westheimer has been fascinated with alternative processes including high school experiments in holography, solarization, and high contrast imagery . At Union College Bill studied with noted painter and educator Arnold Bittelman. He continued with his experiments in photography and experimental image making while completing college. Later Westheimer studied with Jerry Burchfield who introduced him to color photograMs and Cibachrome (now Ilfochrome) printing. Bill went on to teach Cibachrome printing at Colorado Mountain College in Aspen. Early in this millennium he learned the 19th century technique of collodion glass plate photography from the leading experts in the field: France Scully and Mark Osterman. Recent work includes photograms made on collodion glass plates, Ilfochrome and gelatin silver media. He has been collaborating on a camera obscura project with Charles Schwartz documenting the city of New York, and recently

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Bill Westheimer – Visions In The Dark

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