Candace Hicks – Common Threads Volume LXXXV


c 2017
edition of 1
6 x 9 x1



About this work:

From an ongoing series of hand-embroidered canvas books that copy the form and design of dime store composition books. The books themselves, self consciously hand made objects, are a record of coincidental occurrences generally gleaned from reading or mundane events. The use of embroidery thread allows for the production of the text and image with the same mark and material, to make the text, image and substance of the book inseparable.


I’ve collected coincidences for ten years. It started when I read two books in a row that both included the phrase ‘antique dental instrument.’ While that was not the first coincidence I ever noticed in my reading, that singular instance convinced me to keep a record. I began to consider that the phrase might have been the profound masquerading as the mundane. Or not.


thread, canvas

About the artist:

Lives and works in Texas.

Candace Hicks creates interactive installations and artist’s books that examine gender, voice, and parallel universes through the analysis of fictional literature. Believing that the stories we tell each other can reveal more about our beliefs and biases than mundane experience, Hicks mines genre fictions to uncover the subtle ways that literature reflects inequalities.

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Candace Hicks – Common Threads Volume LXXXV

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