Carolyn Shattuck – Too Much Order – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


6.5 x 9 x 1
© 2007
edition of 100

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Too Much Order is a fable about fear inhibiting one’s actions. Mr. and  Mrs. Scaredy-Pants found safety between the walls of their home, a very tidy and clean place. They were afraid to take risks and be present for the uncertainty of change that is inherent in our lives.

The pop-up engineering of the shard-like chaos outside is contrasted with the rectangular pop-up house. Too Much Order was created with a collage assemblage of monotype remnants, then photographed and printed on digital paper. It was made with enhanced matte and Lama Li Bright paper.


Carolyn Shattuck was born in Canada, and moved to the United States in 1971. She lived in Japan for three years where she was influenced by the history and beauty of the Japanese prints. After studying painting at Bard, she now focuses on combining drawing and print assemblage techniques in book form.

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Carolyn Shattuck – Too Much Order – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

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