Diane Britt – Hansel & Gretel: a retelling

c 2012-2014
edition of 4 (E.V.)
8.75 x 11.25 x 1

$1200 – Available by special order. Please contact gallery via email or phone to order


Drawn to this Grimm’s fairy tale, with its dramatic story line of the darker forces of family life, human and supernatural beings, and nature, the artist drew also on personal feelings and experience to retell the tale. She found it a wonderful vehicle for a pop-up book, evoking all the playful impulses of this childish form, but ultimately creating a work almost too dark for any but a quite grownup creature.

cardstock, commercial and handmade papers, pva, gluestick, polyester film, altered book illustrations, linen thread, linen tape, Davey board

Diane Britt is a book artist whose work encompasses a variety of other mediums. She lives in Birmingham, Ohio. Diane was educated in Boston, including through artists’ associations such as The World Sculpture Racing Society. She has exhibited at the Ingalls Library at the Cleveland Museum and at the Morgan Conservatory of Papermaking, and is currently in Monumentals in Miniature III, traveling internationally. Diane values play, curiosity, and engaging the world and self as a lifelong process.

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Diane Britt – Hansel & Gretel: a retelling

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