Frans Baake – Aqq.


16 x 5.5 x .25
© 2012
edition of 175


paper, offset inks

Summer 2012 Frans Baake made a trip to western part of Greenland. Afterwards he made a book out of it. The title ‘aqq.’ Is an abbreviation of the Greenlandic word ‘aqqut’, which means ‘road’. It also can form the stem that stands for a series of words and parts of sentences related to the meaning of ‘road’ as a subject. The book contains drawings, photographs and texts. Fascinations made visible for example are: the largest block of houses of Greenland in Nuuk, to be part of the permanent icecap, roads that lead to nothing.

Frans Baake studied Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts AKI in Enschede and at the Rijkacademie in Amsterdam. Based on travels to islands (Aleutians, Falklands f.i.) he creates printings and artists’ books, containing photographs, woodcuts, collages and texts; printed, bound and published in small editions.

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Frans Baake – Aqq.

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