Julie Shaw Lutts – Resolutions 1848


7 x 4
© 2014
edition of 100

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Resolutions 1848 was directly inspired by reading the resolutions written and declared by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1848. Here in these writings you will find simple, bold truths. Without drama or sentimentality these proclamations are meant to give women equality in the eyes of the world. I began to read and copy out the Resolutions in my own hand. In the process, I was better able to contemplate the true meaning of the words. These women lived in a time with limited freedoms, unable to speak their thoughts in public or even privately. In the first Resolution, the authors write of the American ideal of happiness. The Resolutions speak of “Equality, Enlightenment, Opportunity, Fairness”, and the basic freedom of being counted. I created this small accordion book after finishing my unique 3D artist book of the same name.

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Julie Shaw Lutts – Resolutions 1848

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