Katherine Venturelli – Alchemic Calculations


c. 2012

edition of 3/3 v.e.

dimensions 4. 5x 7 x .5 opens to 26

AVAILABLE BY SPECIAL ORDER – Please contact gallery for details


‘Alchemic Calculations’, integrates some of the archetypal symbols from my on-going series, ‘universal language’; the symbolic images are my text. I fused a friend’s beautiful mathematical notations with etched spirals at each of the folds of the traditional accordion structure. Inspired by the medieval science of alchemy, included is the metallic element of silver leaf- a symbol of power or process of transforming something common into something precious. A display option:hangs as a scroll.

Katherine Venturelli is an artist and teacher nationally and internationally recognized for creating unique artist books and fine prints produced from her printmaking studio in Sutter Creek, CA. Inspired by the power of symbol, universal order and meditative intimacy; she explores the various printmaking forms and artist book structures.’The artist’s book has provided me with an all inclusive medium for resolving and integrating my ideas. It has been a distinctive vehicle for communication’.

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Katherine Venturelli – Alchemic Calculations

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