Louise Levergneux – City Shields: Montreal

c. 2001 – 2014
edition of 25
4 x 4 x .5

$30 – Available by special order. Please contact gallery to confirm availability.


City Shields is a photographic documentation that takes the viewer on a walking journey through the urban streets of various Canadian, Scottish and American cities. This work collects souvenirs of traveled cities around the world using manhole covers to depict exploration of geographical locations along the artist’s life journey.   Each clear plastic case contains 18–21 die-cut photos of manhole covers in each package. The inside cover gives details about where the manhold covers was found.

digital prints, die cut and housed in a clear plastic case

Levergneux’s work incorporates photography as a device that express her interest in the concepts of memory and identity. Individual references are characteristic of the work, which centers on the act of collecting, storing and disseminating personal information.

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Louise Levergneux – City Shields: Montreal

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