Maggie Heineman – The Story of Little Black Mingo


c 2013
edition of 15
4 x 10 x 0.75


Adapted from the original, written by Helen Bannerman (1901), Little Black Mingo is torn between obeying her evil step-mother and being eaten by a hungry crocodile. Inspired by Mingo’s heartwarming misadventure, the artist includes a poem which reflects the deep emotions one encounters when faced with the challenges of caring for children. The green geometric pattern of the cover opens to expose pages that are as long and as sharp as a crocodile’s teeth, foreshadowing danger at every turn.

Sakamoto lightweight paper text covered with silk-screened Lama Li Lokta paper.

Maggie Heineman is an M.F.A. candidate at the University of Iowa Center for the Book. As a Registered Nurse she has spent many hours with children and their families in moments of crisis. Inspired by these experiences, she creates books which underscore the joy, sadness and resolution related to current and historical cultural relationships between men, women and children. Her whimsical images draw the viewer in, yet her subtle messages allow the readers to engage in their own interpretations.

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Maggie Heineman – The Story of Little Black Mingo

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