Maryanne Riker – Crocked or Will the Real Betty Crocker Please Stand Up – SOLD

c. 2011
edition of 5
4 x 4.5 x 2.75, opens to 18 x 4.5




Betty Crocker came to represent to the American housewife the standard of practicality and reliability. And, most women in the 1940’s and 1950’s knew Betty Crocker as well as their own name. But who was she really? Was she a real woman or a made-up icon [created] by advertising execs for the food industry? When Marjorie Child Husted, a home economist, was hired to promote Gold Medal Flour, later to become General Mills, a new icon would emerge that the American housewife would come to worship – and that icon was Betty Crocker and her place of worship was the kitchen. For the first time in history, American housewives could look to Betty for standardized and scientifically-tested recipes. It was no-failure cooking. This portable domestic altar to the domestic goddess of the American housewife is a tribute to the woman who created her. So, will the real Betty Crocker please stand up?

Maryann Riker is a mixed-media artist whose artist books and collage works convey a visual narrative to remind one of the past and journeys through which we all travel throughout our lives.  Her works incorporate digital images, Victorian iconography, and other symbols to convey a sense of memory and time as one opens and unfolds the work.    Her works have been exhibited both nationally and internationally and are in the Special Collections of:  The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Walker Art Center, the Art Institute of Chicago, The National Museum for Women in the Arts, Yale University, Mills College, University of Iowa, Rhode Island School of Design, Lafayette College, Rutgers University, Newark Art Museum, Newark Public Library and many other private and public collections.

Double sided accordion structure. House-shaped book. Materials: book board, paper, plastic, mirror, acetate, and metal.

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Maryanne Riker – Crocked or Will the Real Betty Crocker Please Stand Up – SOLD

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