• Melissa Kaup-Augustine Nothing
  • Melissa Kaup-Augustine Nothing
  • Melissa Kaup-Augustine Nothing

Melissa Kaup-Augustine – Nothing


c. 2008
edition of 53
9 x 12 x 12


Text interpreted from Edwin Starr’s passionate rendition of war, written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong. Photograph interpretations from various San Francisco locations. One quarter of each purchase will be donated to the Save Darfur Coalition. A simple side sewn book of graphically strong images of public memorials and protests. Overprinted on most of the pages is the word “WAR” in red ink. On other pages “are printed on Gampi paper. One page shows a buddhist statue, is printed in green and is overprinted with the words PEACE, LOVE & UNDERSTANDING. Text pages also include, in smaller type phrases such as ‘it ain’t nothing but a heartbreaker’ and ‘what is it good for’. The book rests atop a field of shredded paper. All housed in an unadorned aluminum tin.

My work is about the marriage of grided structure and organic forms. This constrained disorder is often expressed in the details and subtle interactions of the final printed piece. As a designer and a typography teacher, I am drawn to the beauty of the tones and textures of the letterpress. The letterpress process accents my work in multi-layers, reflecting the multiple layers and facets of life. Some layers are intentionally present, some are chosen for their organic interaction, and some are emboldened by the nature of the press. Each of my projects incorporate a mystery that I want to solve on the press, pushing the boundaries of what would be termed the “typical” letterpress. Whether it is the impact of a new paper, or the intertwining of overlapping colors, or the interaction of different wood type textures, I use the letterpress as a mode of exploring experimental processes that are unreachable through digital means.

letterpress, polymer plates, photographs, wood type, gampi paper, metal tin

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Melissa Kaup-Augustine – Nothing

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