Michelle Ray – Death in Celebration – SOLD OUT

© 2011
edition of 50
2 ¾” x 4″ x 2 ¾




Death in Celebration looks at the American notion of manufactured utopia and how it is prone to collapse. Places such as Mont Ne, Arkansas and Celebration, Florida, unfinished for lack of funds and disrupted by violence, exist in a state of monumental and moral decay.

The viewer/reader is asked to physically and textually construct the book as part of the reading process. The book has an interior and exterior and the text is read “in the round” as a sculptural form is read, bringing visual, spatial and temporal complexity to the act of reading.

The materials used in this edition, including Kraft paper and unbleached Bristol board, echo those found in a post-war drafting room or an archive, scenes where American mythology was first designed and later documented.

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Michelle Ray – Death in Celebration – SOLD OUT

by Alicia Bailey time to read: 1 min