Myda Iameceli – Memories (re)mixed – SOLD OUT

© 2017

edition of 10

dimensions in inches: 5.125 x 8.5 x .5



Memories / [re]mixed is a book that documents my thoughts on identity and borrowed memories while exploring Weir Farm National Park in Wilton, CT, during a residency in 2016. As a second-generation American, my cultural heritage is very important to me. My mother spoke of her country, Cuba, and her experiences often. So often, that her memories have become mine over time. To illustrate this I created digital collages using original photographs of Weir Farm and old family photos and wrote my thoughts while exploring the landscape. The pages were digitally printed on Stonehenge paper and bound into a concertina structure. The cover is made up of three maps; Weir Farm National Park, Wilton, Connecticut, Havana, Cuba and San Antonio de las Vegas, Cuba, where my mother grew up. The cover was also digitally printed on Mohawk Superfine paper.

ink, paper, board

About the artist:
Myda Iamiceli’s artwork and design investigates the immigrant and second-generation American and concepts of identity, hybridity, adaptation, memories, place and belonging. As a second-generation Cuban-American, Myda is an American but Cuba is present in her life everyday. She lives within two worlds. To explore this experience, she has created autobiographical books that employ ethnographic research methods and conducts interviews with first and second-generation Americans. Her intent is to engage the audience and gain understanding, acceptance and cultural empathy.

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Myda Iameceli – Memories (re)mixed – SOLD OUT

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