Sue Carrie Drummond – Through and Through – SOLD

© 2015
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dimensions in inches: 8.75 x 5.5 x .5





About this piece:

The handmade paper is dyed a deep red in order to reference the interior body. Throughout the stack, the pages are perforated with varying force and depth, visually evoking the experience of damage and deterioration. The book begins with very shallow marks that are hardly visible, but as the book progresses the perforations become more noticeable and the waxed paper more vulnerable to breakage. Towards the end of the book I introduce thread as a mending element that holds the page together or as an attempt to fill in holes within the sheet. Sometimes it creates a surface that is just as strong if not stronger than before, while serving as a futile repair in others.




waxed handmade paper and sewing thread

Artists bio:

Sue Carrie Drummond received her MFA in Book Arts and Printmaking from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA in the spring of 2015 and a BA in Studio Art with a minor in Art History at Millsaps College in Jackson, MS in 2012. Drummond has exhibited nationally in Jackson, Seattle, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Knoxville, and Philadelphia as well as internationally in the UK. Drummond was selected as the assistant in papermaking at Penland School of Crafts and was awarded the artist residency at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. She resides and continues to work in Minneapolis, MN.

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Sue Carrie Drummond – Through and Through – SOLD

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