Toni Mosley - De-vine storyToni Mosley - De-vine story
Toni Mosley - De-vine story
Toni Mosley - De-vine story
Toni Mosley - De-vine story

Toni Mosley – De-vine story


c 2010
edition of 1
24 x 5 x 5


This piece is based on a Maori proverb(whakatauki) ‘Kua whakawahi koe ki te akatea o tika te pono me te aroha’, ‘You have been infused with the knowledge and skills to do what is right with faith and love’. This is also part of a story of two brothers climbing to the heavens, their grandmother states they should be careful and only climb the vines that are rooted to the earth. One brother in a hurry climbs quickly without care falling to his death the other brother is cautious reaching heaven.

Old book pages, gesso, thread, asian papers

Toni Mosley is printmaker/book artist originally from Colorado/Wyoming in the United States, she has been living in New Zealand for several years and considers it home. Toni received her BA in Fine Arts from the University of Wyoming and her MFA from The State University of New York at Buffalo. Her artworks have been in solo and group exhibitions including the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington, NZ, Castellani Museum in Lewiston, NY, the Wyoming State Museum.

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Toni Mosley – De-vine story

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