• Turner Hilliker Velvet Vacuums
  • Turner Hilliker Velvet Vacuums

Turner Hilliker – Velvet Vacuums

8.25 x 5.75 x .12 closed, 8.25 x 33 x 5.75 open, © 2010, edition of 150


Velvet Vacuums is a book of nonsense, both verbal and visual. The structure of the book lends itself to two ways of reading: one fold is stitched into the spine, allowing the reader to view one spread at a time or all at once.

Turner: My current work is the creation of a personal investigating the nature of certainty and self. I continually attempt to rationalize experiences, validate decisions, standardize routines, and evaluate my presence.

In this piece handwriting and photocopying preserve the organic nature of my process.

French’s Smart White Paper, digital media

Turner Hilliker has always called Northern Virginia his home. When he was younger he would build model airplanes, take apart appliances, and draw his own creations when action figures were not enough. In 2011 he received his MFA in Book Arts and Printmaking from the University of the Arts. He is currently investigating the nature of character in his work.

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Turner Hilliker – Velvet Vacuums

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