Victoria Bjorklund – Modern Relics – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM


4 x 4 x 4

© 2013
edition of 20

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Modern Relics is a collection of black and white photographs I took celebrating objects throughout Washington state that echo the ideals of the modern age and its fascination with motion, space, and the car culture. Despite their fading presence, these relics still exert a strong cultural significance in their beauty and splendor. It has been refreshing in our current period of predictable uniformity to find these symbols that characterize a time when anything seemed possible. The artist book format I chose for this work was a View Master and Reel which provides an intimate viewing experience in addition to being a relic itself.

Included in a handmade box, disc 1 with seven photographs taken between 2012-2013 and a vintage 1950’s black Bakelite View Master Model C.

Victoria Bjorklund is a photographic & book artist, interested in the urban landscape. She finds inspiration from within the city and seeks to give a narrative in each thoughtfully captured photograph. She is a graduate of the Fine Art Certificate program in Photography at Rockport College in Maine. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States.

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Victoria Bjorklund – Modern Relics – SPECIAL ORDER ITEM

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