Amee Pollack and Laurie Spitz – Happy Days – SOLD OUT

4.75 x 5.5 x 24.5
© 2014
edition of 12 + AP





cork paper, acrylic and davy board

A ham and cheese sandwich serves up a 1950’s housewife’s To-Do-List, growing longer and more crazed in this extending pop-up’s look back at the Feminine Mystique on the cusp of Liberation.

Original acrylic and ink renderings by Pollack and then digitally printed. Housewife’s To-Do-List reads: -Buy groceries -Iron shirts -Sew curtains -Pick up school supplies -Defrost refrigerator -Knit sweaters -Pack lunches -Bake bread -Attend PTA meeting -Practice tennis serve -practice piano -Learn French cooking -Polish silver -Cook dinner -Wash dog -Vacuum house -Attend recital -Mend socks -Wax floors -Help with homework -Do laundry -Plan birthday party -Practice yoga -Volunteer -Type of resume

Collaborating for the past nine years, Amee J. Pollack and Laurie Spitz explore women’s legacies through one-of-a-kind constructions and artists’ books. Pollack earned an MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking from The University of the Arts. Spitz earned a BA at UC-Berkeley. Their work is in numerous permanent collections.

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Amee Pollack and Laurie Spitz – Happy Days – SOLD OUT

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