Andrea Crane – Octopus Deliciousness – SOLD

© 2015
edition of 1
12 x 15





Created for the 2015 Ideation Experience exhibition.

wool, cotton fabric, thread, paper, colored pencil, watercolor


Artist Statement about work:

I created a scroll (single leaf) that depicts a diagram of cooking up octopus which makes me think of death, which is pessimistic. Yet, the images indicate an instructive and descriptive diagram of how to cook octopus. The image was found in my letter bucket, a post card from Greece. The octopus is drawn using color pencils, watercolor (painted) and minimal amounts of paper. Wool is the main drawing surface with an emphasis on using primary colors.

Created using the following Ideation Deck card draws: color – primary; structure – single-leaf; image – found; technique – hand-drawn or painted; layout – diagram, chart or map; text – none!; paper – minimal paper use (emphasis on alternative material). Adjectives – non-sequential, descriptive, instructive, serious, pessimistice

About artist:

Andrea Crane is a mixed media artist that uses various techniques to create drawings and artist books. Her work is inspired by memories of her past and present. She is known for her miniature drawing and her use of altered paper. Enthusiasts of her work say her art triggers viewers memory into recalling their own stories, which make her art both personable and unique. Andrea currently resides in Golden, Colorado with her husband David, dog Larry and cat Lucy.

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