Andrea Peterson – 4 cardinal directions


c. 2013

edition of 10

dimensions 10 x 6.25 x .125


Direction is an everyday activity, physically and psychologically. When things don’t go as they seem, we say, ‘we have lost our way’. This attempt at this immense subject is imbued with personal and cultural ideas. The walnut dyed cover looks like leather and feels like a field journal. The book is drum leafed. Each page is handmade paper with a pulp image applied to the wet sheet during the papermaking process. North -collograph, south -letterpress, east -intaglio & lino, west -lithography

Andrea Peterson, internationally exhibiting artist and educator, co-owns with her husband, Hook Pottery Paper in northwest Indiana. Her work is multifaceted exploring all types of paper fibers and processes including prints, artist books, and environmental installation pieces. She has lectured and taught extensively.

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Andrea Peterson – 4 cardinal directions

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