Annwyn Dean – Lace: just a lot of holes – SOLD OUT

4.5 x 10 x 3 (open)
© 2014
SOLD – Edition out of print



paper, linen thread

The idea for this book evolved from a definition of lace, which stated that lace was ‘just a lot of holes’. This can be seen as very simple but the reality is far more complex. The piece of lace which inspired this book was made at the end of the 17th century, completely of buttonhole stitches in linen thread which are so small a magnifying glass is needed to separate the individual stitches. So a complex folded book, with many holes, was created which like lace folds up into a small space. It is made from Fabriano Academia paper, linen thread with hand painted and printed lightweight papers.

Annwyn Dean’s book art focuses upon her collection of antique lace and embroidery. These fragments have tales to tell about their makers, the clothes that they were part of and the journey that they made across the world and through the centuries before arriving on her desk. She is interested in making connections between herself, the original maker and the viewer of the book that she has created.

Annwyn Dean taught Textile Art and wrote articles for the embroidery press for many years. Paper has always been her preferred medium and she now concentrates on creating artist books. She exhibits widely; her work is held in special collections worldwide.

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Annwyn Dean – Lace: just a lot of holes – SOLD OUT

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