Annwyn Dean – Linen Trimmings – Purchase Award – Edition Sold Out

© 2016
edition of 3
dimensions in inches: 2.5 x 5.25 x 1

Purchase Award – Edition Sold Out



About this piece:
This three sectioned book was inspired by linen fabrics and threads from the 17th century. The designs on the Collagraphic prints are inspired by embroidery motifs of that period. The short pages are embossed with English Needlelace, made from linen thread in about 1680. The various ways that the book can be displayed is a recognition of the range of uses that linen was put to and the staggered pages can be likened to falling lace cuffs.
paper, ink, acrylic paint
About the artist:

lives in Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Annwyn Dean is a book artist and printmaker, who lives in the North of England. She is interested in fragments and how when grouped together a complex and interesting tale is revealed. She draws her inspiration from her collection of antique lace and embroidery which she amassed during her many years teaching and writing about embroidery. She creates Collagraphic prints and her plates are made from various papers, textiles and stitches. The resulting prints are full of texture and like an embroidery or a book, cry out to be touched.

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