Brad Freeman – Annotated Amusement Guide Magazine


11.75 x 10 x .5
© 2012
edition of 100


Annotated Amusement Guide Magazine is a visual poem about looking and creativity. On the front cover a woman on the cover of a magazine looks out at the viewer from a shop window. On the back cover three women look into a shop window. As a human we are always looking. As an artist I look, then photograph, then print, all the while changing the image of the object looked at into something new within the other pictures in a book. Production and creativity are closely linked in my work. I intervene in all aspects of production from photography, digital and photo-mechanical prepress, and on the press. I respond to what the process can offer in terms of expressive value. The hands (and there are many) in the book are a reference to creativity and how we combine looking with use of our hands to create. It is about danger, beauty, surprise, death, beauty, experimental narrative, the senses (touch – how the paper feels). The is about photography and printing. The black lines around the photo on the center spread are formed by the frame edge of the negative. In the old days (when I was a young photographer) photographers would print the frame edges to indicate that the actual framing of the picture occurred at the time the photo was taken. This is meant to show that the photograph was creating the photo from the beginning. The black linen thread works well with the frame edges. There is a documentary aspect to the photos as well but the specific (date, name, place) are omitted.

Brad Freeman is a photographer, book artist, and offset printer who has been making his own artist’s books since 1980. He founded JAB, the Journal of Artists’ Books in 1994 to provide a forum for critical discussion of artists’ books. His book Wrong Size Fits All was a finalist for the 2011 MCBA Book Prize.

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