Brad Freeman – Wrong Size Fits All


9 x 6 x .75
© 2010
edition of 90


Wrong Size Fits All The title is a play on words from the expression ‘one size fits all’ and the implication is that nothing is perfect, that in life there is always some unexpected issue that presents itself to change things. What is the book about? It’s about a lot things but basically about the deaths of my sister and dad within a two year period. One of the joys of my life was to visit my sister, who had been a great influence on me as is reflected at the beginning of chapter one. The book, through the brief poetic writing, does not refer specifically to her death rather to the feelings I experienced thinking of her and how she influenced me. The chapters’ beginnings and endings are determined by the signatures. In other words, chapter one is the first signature, etc. The conceptual leaps between the chapters, rather than being subtle segues, reflect the abrupt changes in thoughts that we have that are sometimes incomprehensible at first. One thing that the writing about my dad is meant to convey was my inability to come to terms in a sympathetic way to his decline. During the printing I used the specific creative potential of offset lithography to make some of the images. In other words a lot of the images were created by various combinatory and chance operations while printing, while I maintained strict curatorial control. I am inspired by the layering and flow and structure of music and tried to reflect this in the dense layering of imagery that occurs in the book.

Brad Freeman is a photographer, book artist, and offset printer who has been making his own artist’s books since 1980. He founded JAB, the Journal of Artists’ Books in 1994 to provide a forum for critical discussion of artists’ books. His book Wrong Size Fits All was a finalist for the 2011 MCBA Book Prize.

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Brad Freeman – Wrong Size Fits All

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