Candace Hicks – Common Threads Volume LIII

c 2013
edition of 1
6 x 9 x1


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I’ve collected coincidences for ten years. It started when I read two books in a row that both included the phrase ‘antique dental instrument.’ While that was not the first coincidence I ever noticed in my reading, that singular instance convinced me to keep a record. I began to consider that the phrase might have been the profound masquerading as the mundane. Or not.

embroidery on canvas

Candace Hicks collects coincidences from the books she reads and gathers them in her artists’ books. Her compendiums of coincidence witness the world in detail in the same way that a landscape or portrait artist makes observations and records the result with the exception that Hicks describes literary exercises in memory. Her books are records that show the world through a particular, specific, sometimes obsessive, point of view. She recently became the Coordinator of Foundations at Stephen

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