Cari Ferraro – Pilgrimage Song

c 2012
edition of 1
4 x 4 x .5




Pilgrimage Song is an evocation of a ritual dance enacted by women at Tesuque Pueblo in New Mexico. The song was collected and re-expressed by the author Mary Austin, circa 1930, as an example of the unique poetic rhythm of the American land. The book unfolds to create a central square like the space created in the plaza when the women sing to the four sacred mountains and directions. Structure, symbols, color and shine on the pages are my re-expression of the lyric movement.

acrylic paints, inks, gouache, pens, brushes, pochoir

Cari Ferraro draws on thirty years of training in medieval scribal methods to make books that reach backward and forward in time and consciousness. The deep past, recorded or intuited, is the source for contemporary explorations of spirit. Narrative creates structure. Then painting, hand writing, stitching and binding combine to create a journey. The artist has lived along a forested creek in California for most of her life. Her manuscript books are in many private and public collections.

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