Carrie L. Larson – Lamentation

c 2014
edition of 1
12.25 x 5.25 x .25




The concept for this piece began while considering the rhythms of falling rain, then evolved into a meditation on grief. A lack of text hints at the insufficiency of words. Holes mark absence yet allow a patterning of light to show through-evoking the ethereal, transience, and memory-while the fragility of the pages themselves speak to the emotional state experienced after loss.

papers include Magnani Pescia, HahnemÌ_hle Ingres, Awagami lace paper, and Lama Li

Carrie is a visual artist based in Hoquiam, WA, where a sense of place influences much of her art-making. Recently she exhibited a body of work-begun during residency at Sitka Center for Art & Ecology-in a solo show at Grays Harbor College and her artist’s book, Red, Revisited, was included in Lark Crafts 500 Handmade Books, Volume 2. A well-worn library card fuels her inspiration while a couple of cats-who like to investigate works in progress-keep her sufficiently grounded.

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Carrie L. Larson – Lamentation

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