Charlene Matthews – Atlas of Book Maps

25 x 17 x 1
© 2013
edition of 4

$2000 – Available by special order. Please contact gallery to confirm availability.


If one was to read one of these books, the map would enhance their reading experience. One could read the book and follow the route. The route is super imposed on photographs taken around the Bindery. They are enlarged 300% and backed with Irish Linen. The book route is drawn on with yellow pencil. There is a mylar overlay marked with letters and numbers that correspond with the xerox photo. A yellow Key is on the mylar overlay. Books mapped are: The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson, One For the Road by Frederick Brown, Gun With Occasional Music by Jonathan Lethem, Night of the Illywacker by Frederick Brown, Mother Finds a Body by Gypsy Rose Lee, and Red Harvest by Dashell Hammet. This is No. 3 of an edition of 4. All bindings are different. This binding has a leather spine with a waxed lions eye marbled paper on the covers, housed in a grey clamshell box. The photo of Mother Finds a body is unique with this copy. Photos were taken with a Ricoh KR-5 with BxW film, except for Mother Finds a Body, it was taken with a 9″ sono-tube pinhole camera for 17 minutes on film paper.
Charlene Matthews is a professional bookbinder and book artist in Los Angeles. She began bookbinding to learn restoration in 1986, then opened her Bindery on Melrose in 2000. She does restoration, box making, and any any type of book binding that is required for her customers needs.

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