Cynthia Colbert – Drawing


© 2016

edition of 1

dimensions in inches: 5.75 x 4.5x 1.8


About this piece:
I garden for pleasure and I love to cut plants from my garden and draw them from observation. These are stylized versions of those plants and seed pods that interest me most. Drawn on both sides of the paper in pencil, the lines were inked in with ink.

wood, waxed linen, paper, ink
About the artist:

Lives and works in Lexington, South Carolina, United States

Cynthia Colbert is an art educator, trained as a potter and changed directions to bookmaking in the mid 1980’s. Her work has been influenced by to the bookmakers with whom she studied, most notably Dan Essig, Dolph Smith, and Shaina Leno.

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