David Moyer – Speculative Motion


c. 2012
edition size 25 6.875 x 7.25 x .3125


A triumphal procession based on those of the Italian and German renaissance.

End grained wood blocks, Rives Heavy Buff, Fabriano Murillo, St. Armands’s paper, pen 7 walnut ink

The artists’s imagery explores visual and literary ideas through black and white print media, usually wood engraving. There is a long tradition of wood engraving and the book arts, and it seemed quite natural to follow that path. The imagery has always gravitated toward the German print tradition such has the work of Durer, Wolgemuth, Cranach, Holbein, and Baldung-Grien. The technique is to employ black line engraving rather than the more traditional approach of white line engraving.

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David Moyer – Speculative Motion

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