Dorothy Simpson Krause – Failed Rose

8.75 x 11.75 x .5
© 2007
edition of 10




An impulse buy of a bouquet of flowers began the process of incorporating their images into a book. Wanting to add text, I called the florist, asked the name of the flower and was told it was a gentian. I Googled “gentian” with little hope I would be successful in finding a suitable poem. Fortunately Emily Dickinson had also found the flower engaging. The images were inkjet printed on brown craft paper, enhanced with colored pencils and portion of Dickinson’s poem was handwritten into the imagery with a gold marker. God made a little Gentian- It tried-to be a Rose- And failed-and all the Summer laughed- But just before the Snows There rose a Purple Creature- That ravished all the Hill- And Summer hid her Forehead- And Mockery-was still- The 10 pages were perfect bound into a black fabric hardcover which was collaged with a flower image. A gold leafed title and ribbon accent completed the book.

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