Elizabeth Munger – Remembering Aesop


c. 2013
edition size 35 9.75 x 6


Remembering Aesop is a collaborative piece written by Mark Munger, illustrated, designed and printed by Elizabeth Munger. The book is a recreated set of fables and illustrations with a strong emphasis on how we remember stories. Illustration, text, book design, materials, and structure stem from memory of these fables and what they meant to us as children. This book is a cumulative representation of our memories, both as a story and a tactile object.

paper, ink

Elizabeth Munger has her BFA in printmaking, and is presently an MFA candidate at the University of Iowa Center for the Book . Her interests currently include printing, paper-making, and artist books. Often working eclectically through drawing, collage, textiles, printmaking and paper works, her predominantly narrative work, explores day-to-day life, and childhood memories through allegorical self-portraits.

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Elizabeth Munger – Remembering Aesop

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