Gay Walker – Stone Over Stone: Avebury


© 2007
edition of 10
dimensions in inches: 9 x 9 x .5


About this piece:

Color photographic images taken by the artist of all accessible stones in the Avebury, England, stone circles were printed out, partially cut out by hand, folded, bound between separate boards covered by Tablet embossed paper, and tied with a leather thong. These prehistoric stone circles are the most impressive in England outside Stonehenge; many are monolithic giants sitting in a sheep pasture. The stones are in sequence, and the accordion-bound book could be folded out around one to re-create a very large stone circle. The cut-out edges are meant to show the impressive march of the stones over the fields. Images of a few of the buildings within the larger bank and ditch circle are included at the end.


paper, binders board, printer ink, glue

About the artist:

Walker has always found pleasure in books and in the exploration of book structures. As curator of the Arts of the Book Collection at Yale University Library (1979-1990), she mounted the “Eccentric Books” exhibit in 1988 showing the broad variations in format and design possible with this medium which encouraged her to experiment. Now living in Oregon, Walker’s interests and training in calligraphy, printmaking, bookbinding, and letterpress printing have combined with traveling to create an eclectic melange of book creations that investigate and express her life experiences.

Just retired head of special collections, Reed College Library (2002-2017) and Curator, Arts of the Book Collection, Yale Universty Library (1979-1990).)

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Gay Walker – Stone Over Stone: Avebury

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