Ingrid vB. Porter – Grief


© 2016

edition of 6 v.e.

dimensions in inches: 6 x 5 x1.75

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This small book was created in response to the death of the artist’s mother. The concept came at about the 5-month mark, when things felt quite hopeless. Words seemed totally inadequate. How to show the depth of that darkness?

The story – a series of 22 paintings – starts with a tear. More tears gather, pool, and eventually fill the frame. A purposefully too-long period of dark pages follow. But just when the dark seems overwhelming, a single star shifts the viewer’s perception of the dark as ocean-of-tears to a gentler dark of night-sky. Slowly, stars return. Clouds come and go. A long-awaited dawn finally brings the promise of light.

Grief is one of our oldest stories, so it was important that the book appear old, well-thumbed, passed-down, stained. The intimate size, soft materials, and loose hand-binding portray something fragile yet enduring. When on display, the artist encourages people to hold the book, which she considers an important part of experiencing it.

paper, acrylic, watercolor pen, yarn, tea

About the artist:
Ingrid vB. Porter is a painter and book-artist in Denver, Colorado.

Working in acrylic paint and colored pencil, Ingrid explores issues both deeply personal and universal. She uses metaphor, archetype, mythology and fairy tale; all of which bring new – and often unexpected – layers of meaning to her paintings and illustrated stories.

Ingrid holds degrees in fine art and in archetypal art therapy. She shares studio space with the other creative members of Art Gym Denver, and is currently working on an illustrated book project with her husband, Eric.

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Ingrid vB. Porter – Grief

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