Janet Reynolds – Hallowed Be Thy – SOLD

© 2014
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 5 x 12 x .75




About this piece:
Sacred is defined as “relating to religion, highly valued and important.” For most, religion is sacred. What is troublesome is when sacred becomes misplaced. The Bible says no one can serve two masters and that we should not let our possessions prohibit us from experiencing our faith but is this always possible? How sacred is the luxury car that can’t be driven in the rain? What about the cell phone that can’t be put down? Could the Pope command $500,000 for a public appearance? Is it really necessary for a dog to have a birthday party? Personally I struggle to simplify my life and focus on living my days in a sacred manner. This book represents a contrast between a sacred and profane view of the world. The saints of the church are sacred to me. I find religious icons beautiful, which is why I chose to depict the saints and other objects in this style. I used brown paper and decorative gold paper to give the book the appearance of an ancient polyptych.

paper, gouache, cord, button, ink
About the artist:

lives in Houston, Texas, United States

Janet Reynolds is an artist/teacher. She has been teaching art to children for six years. Her interest in book arts began when she attended a summer residency at Boston University. She completed her Masters in Art Education from Boston University in January of 2013 and the focus of her thesis project was exploring artistic learning through tunnel books. Prior to earning her Masters, Janet earned her B.A. in Commercial Art from Notre Dame College in Manchester, NH. She lives in Houston and is a member of the Houston Book Arts Guild, The Guild of Book Workers, and the Miniature Book Society.

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