Karen Hardy – Symbiosis Journal


© 2015
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dimensions in inches: 4 x 3 x .75


About this piece:

I give a lot of attention to the tactile qualities of the books I make, because I feel the ability to include the haptic realm is much of what makes the book unique as a form of art. Books are generally meant to be held in the hands, and therefore the size and weight of the object, the way it moves when manipulated, and the texture of its materials are all just as important to the experience as any visual attributes. Symbiosis Journal is the product of my recent experimentation with new materials for book-making, in which I have found the interaction of metal, leather, and handmade paper to be a mutually beneficial relationship – a symbiosis of materials. The delicate translucency of the paper contrasts with the heaviness and opacity of the metal, allowing the book to seem simultaneously small and weighty, vulnerable and indestructible. The patina on the copper covers evokes the colors and growth patterns of lichens, a symbiosis between fungus and algae.


paper, copper, thread, leather

About the artist:

Karen Hardy is a visual artist based in Asheville, North Carolina. Her practice is centered on an experimental approach to materials, and is influenced by her background in the natural sciences. She uses innovative hand papermaking techniques and a variety of non-traditional materials in her artist books, sculpture, and installation. Her artist books are widely exhibited and held in collections across the country and abroad. Karen received an MFA in book arts & printmaking from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and currently teaches book arts at Western Carolina University.

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Karen Hardy – Symbiosis Journal

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