Katherine Venturelli – Universe At Play I – SOLD

6 x 7.5 x .25
© 2014
edition of 1




ink, paper, binder board, book cloth, ribbon

“Universe At Play I” evolved organically. A found object with unique markings inspired me to initiate a 3 color plate intaglio print. I chose the playful and surprise pop out element of the Turkish map fold as the structure to integrate my new imagery. Mathematical notations become symbolic text and are printed on both the exterior side of the Turkish map fold and the cover. The cover has embossed archetypal symbols. The book is displayed opened on a plexiglas stand. Integrating two dimensional prints into a three dimensional book structure , continues my exploration of conveying my ideas in both printmaking and book arts medium.

Artist/educator, Katherine Venturelli is recognized for creating unique artist books and fine prints . Inspired by the power of symbol, universal order and meditative intimacy; she explores various printmaking forms and book structures.

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Katherine Venturelli – Universe At Play I – SOLD

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