Kazumi Seki – New Chapter in My Life – SOLD OUT


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dimensions in inches: 8.5 x 3.25

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About this piece:
Kazumi Seki’s New Chapter in My Life was created when she almost finished her two years studying art in San Francisco and faced to the new life in Chicago to have a higher education in book art. The book represented Kazumi’s appreciation and excitement for the opportunity to study art in the US. Kazumi was raised in Japan, and there, the field of the education she had are not related in art. San Francisco is the first place that catches Kazumi’s big challenge. Although she experienced culture shock, difficulty to adjust new culture and new field of study, two years in San Francisco with big support by the people around her encouraged her to deepen and expand her career as an artist. The images in New Chapter in My Life were the map that showed important places for Kazumi in San Francisco and the mood change in two years. The book structure is layered accordion and using vandercook to create relief print and pressure print.

paper, ink
About the artist:
Lives and works in Chicago, Illinois, United States

Kazumi Seki has been resident in Chicago in pursuit of her MFA of Interdisciplinary Book and Paper at Columbia College Chicago. She earned her BA in Psychology at Japan Women’s University in Japan. Kazumi feels that the creation is the way to regain control of one-self and live true to oneself. She explores the expression of the feelings in her daily life, and working mostly on Book Art. Her delicate and neat Artists’ Books convey strong sense of herself with her poetic words and abstract images. Kazumi’s love for paper as a material comes from origami that was familiar in her childhood.

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Kazumi Seki – New Chapter in My Life – SOLD OUT

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