Leslie Waygren – Tower of Babel

18 x 6 x 6
© 2014
edition of 1




mat board, book pages, paper, linen thread,

Our various languages are explained in the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. Mankind worked together to build a great tower. The Old Testament God was jealous of what they could accomplish when they cooperated and thought if they can do this, they can do anything. So he made them speak different languages, thereby rendering them unable to work cooperatively to complete the tower. In this Tower of Babel, the books in different languages intermingled represent the people and the tower is complete.

The Tower of Babel is a six-tiered structure of bookshelves constructed of mat board and covered in bible pages. It houses 85 miniature books in 28 languages. The books are bound on tape with exposed spines with various covers. The text blocks are cut from published books in different languages. The books are in four different sizes, all smaller than 2.5″. The work includes a key to the language used in each book and on each lettered panel on the tower.

Leslie Waygren grew up on the Jersey shore and graduated from Rutgers University. She makes artist books as a means of personal expression and has been making them for more than a decade. She also paints and participates in mail art projects.

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Leslie Waygren – Tower of Babel

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