Mado Reznik – Regarding the Death of My Mother

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“Regarding the death of my mother” is an artist book where pictures, poetry and paper are intertwined. The book is divided in four sections where two female voices are heard. These voices are from memory shown through different types of paper, through windows that connects lyrical states and through pictures. Although the title refers to death the entire book moves around life and its celebration.


Mado Reznik is a visual artist and writer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she currently lives. She studied Linguistics and got a Ph. D. from Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Spain. She works with etchings, collages and inks. All these techniques are a reflection and a seeking journey through paper as a medium. Her main interests are memory and language. Part of the work with memory is the selection of photographs that are interlinked with texts most of them of her own. Mado Reznik has several Artist Books that has been shown in Argentina, Spain and Uruguay. She also wrote several books going from fiction and poetry to testimonials

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Mado Reznik – Regarding the Death of My Mother

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